What Sets Us Apart

Setting the Foundation for Lifetimes of Healthy, Happy Smiles!

A child’s early dental experiences have a lasting impact on his or her comfort with dentistry. The more positive, nurturing care a youngster receives, the more likely that patient will grow into an adult with healthy, bright smiles who feels at home in the dental environment.

At Children’s Dentistry of Lincoln, Dr. Tom Milius and our team understand the impact we have on our patients’ lives. We take that responsibility seriously and are devoted to providing each child with comfortable, laughter-filled visits!

Why Choose Us as Your Child’s Dentist?

We have served Lincoln’s families since 2010, and built a reputation as a practice that cares. Since we treat infants, children, teens, and young adults, we provide advanced, personalized dental solutions, designed to help each patient achieve their healthiest smile!

  • Dr. Milius is certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. After completing his dental degree, he enrolled in a rigorous pediatric dentistry residency program at UNMC. This post-doctorate training addressed all aspects of children’s dentistry, including clinical concerns, emotional needs, and developmental issues.
  • As a father, Dr. Milius understands a parent’s concerns and desires: he and our team listen to and engage with parents and caregivers to learn what they expect and want. Because we’re a family-friendly practice, we welcome parents into the treatment areas and encourage their questions and participation.
  • Dr. Milius and everyone on our team are skilled at connecting with children in a non-threatening manner. It’s not unusual to find one (or more!) of us crouched down chatting with a little one, offering encouragement and reassurance. We are patient, kind, and compassionate; we take time to help children feel at ease in our space!

Preventive Care and Communication

A large part of our practice is focused on prevention and education. It is important for families to understand the role oral health plays in overall wellness, and how best to maintain and keep a healthy mouth. We want our patients to grow up with good dental hygiene habits, so they enjoy a lifetime of great smiles.

Each of us understands the need to communicate in a clear, non-judgmental, and encouraging manner. We use kid-friendly terms and a Show-Tell-Do approach for procedures. At the same time, we help parents understand what we are going to do and answer all their questions.

We know educated parents and patients are able to make informed decisions about dental care.

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Dr. Milius and our team look forward to welcoming your young family to our practice. Working with you, we’ll set a strong foundation for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles!

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